Wellness Weekend 


Following a weekend detox  will give your body a break from its toxic load and leave you feeling refreshed. This weekend includes all the elements of detoxing to enable your body to get rid of waste products more effectively and improve your underlying health. A trip to a health spa for a weekend can be expensive, but with a little planning you can easily create your own health spa at home. 

What’s in the program?

The goal of this weekend is to follow a clean eating schedule that incorporates juices to stimulate the cleansing of organs in the body, as well as giving your digestive system a rest. Other elements include various treatments, such as aromatherapy, massage, movement, breath, and body scrubs to help the detox process as well as making you feel and look good. You will also need to exercise to make your body function more efficiently and to help the elimination process. The spiritual element incorporates meditation and visualization to help you detox your mind and induce inner harmony.


Make sure your house is clean and tidy- or at least the rooms you will be using so that you are not distracted by the need to do housework. Your bedsheets should be clean and fresh, as well as your nightwear/leisure wear. 

What you will need



This program is designed to be carried out over a weekend because that’s usually when most people can be free of work. Plan in advance to make the detox program go as smoothly as possible. If you have a partner and/or children, arrange for them to make plans for the weekend. You don’t have to follow the time tables exactly, they are designed to give you a rough idea of how long each activity will take; do the program at your pace. LIve classes will also be recorded.

Before you start

2 days before the detox, cut down on tea and coffee, meat, processed foods, and alcohol. This will help reduce withdrawal symptoms, but be prepared to feel headachy, hungry, and lethargic on Saturday. This is part of the detox process. By Monday morning you will be feeling energized and full of life!

What to avoid

As well as following the weekend detox program as closely as possible, you should plan to eliminate coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, and nonessential drugs. Avoid salt and oil, and use fresh herbs and lemon or lime juice to season your food. You want to give your digestive system a rest, it’s best not to eat too much.

The aim of this weekend program is to coax our mind and body to rid itself of waste, replacing it with revitalizing and nurturing foods and thoughts.